Human Data Extraction/inputting

-  $21. USD per hour ​(5 hour minimum)
-  extraction from documents, scanned images, internet, etc..
-  inputting to all major programs or customized design (design charges apply)

To receive official quote with all terms and conditions, please send document by email to:    (large files use :

Graphic Design

Neural Machine Translation

Independent Back Translation

-  Prices vary
-  Same credentials as translators

Independent Proof Reading 

- all translations covered by errors and omission insurance.

- 90 day satisfaction guarantee.

- volume discounts start at 10000 words, vary per subject 

- 30 day net billing available (commercial clients)

- No Sales Tax or Tariffs outside Canada

- We accept Checks, PayPal, Bank transfers, Credit Cards

Audio and Video Translation

 - Subtitling, Voiceover, Transcription/Translation
 - Prices vary
  -  $.05 USD per word ($50 minimum)  
    -  Post Human Editing(subject matter specific translators)                                                    
-  $40. USD per hour *​for translation formatting/diagrams only, all major design programs
-  Prices vary
-  Same credentials as translators
-  $0.10 - $0.19 USD per word ($50. minimum) based on language, volume, technical expertise                -  Translator will have five plus years translation                                                      experience in your specific industry with emphasis on                                           technical translations.
-  Translator will be a Native speaker 
-  Translator will hold a Certification and University Degree

1- 416-840-5778  ​ INTERNATIONAL

​​We Specialize in:

​ Engineering (all fields) Translations
 Computer (hardware/software) Translations                Medical / Scientific Translations                            Legal Translations    
 Financial Translations                                  Government (all levels) Translations


    As a translation agency we can find

    the right translator with specific experience

    in the related discipline.  Custom credentials

    can be sought out on request (prices vary).

   Translation memory tools used by all translators

​    to ensure accuracy and consistency in translation.

    Dedicated online portals/integration technologies 

    are available on request (conditions apply).


    Approved vendor for: 


                  Pricing Plan ​(funds excepted in - USD, CAD, EUR, GBP) 

​       Technical Translation ​(all major electronic document formats accepted)

1- 800-435-0887  USA / CANADA